The progress of the art exhibition shines through

Barbadian artists indeed shone on Thursday by bringing “The Tradition of Excellence” to life at the launch of the visual arts exhibition “Progression”.

Held at the Queen Park Art Gallery in the city, many came to view the artists’ work for the National Independence Festival of Creative Arts (NIFCA) showcase.

This year, the focus was on digital art, although many pieces were exhibited physically.

The Cultural Director of the National Cultural Foundation, Andrea Wells, informed that there will be greater interest in promoting art online to bring Barbadian art to the world.

The art gallery catered to a mixed crowd of seasoned award-winning artists and younger, up-and-coming ones.

Talk with Barbados TODAY was veteran visual artist Arlette St Hill who has been perfecting her craft for over four decades.

She explained how the pandemic had affected the ability to create, but added that she was very happy to be able to return for in-person exhibitions.

“COVID-19 has made a significant difference to the NIFCA experience. It has been over two years since we were able to participate. it’s always wonderful to come and see this exhibit here in person,” she said.

Ceramic artist and sculptor Melanie D’Oliviera said she was very proud of her pieces this year, some of which focused on the expression of tall women and the fruits of Barbados.

Well-known artist Sheena Rose gave an inspiring address that reminded artists that everything starts with an idea and it’s up to them to bring the idea to life.

She shared her inspiring story of the not always easy process of getting an idea from mind to paper.

Artists such as Tracy DeOlivere Greenidge with her impressive digital compilation, Jefferson Folkes with his 2003 piece also exhibited their art for the evening. life in transitionand Gloria Chung with her 2022 brown earthenware piece titled gifts from nature – to name a few.

The Progression exhibition continues until December 3. (M)

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