The Yellowstone Art Museum offers cooking classes!

The Yellowstone Art Museum in downtown Billings holds cooking classes on Thursdays and Saturdays a few days a month. You don’t need to be an experienced chef to take these classes, all adults are welcome!

The next cooking class will be on March 12 and will be titled “Favorite Bakes” from 10:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. in the museum’s Murdock Gallery.

In this course, you will learn how to cook a variety of delicious dishes such as chicken dishes, casseroles and many sweet pastries.

The cost for YAM members is $55 and non-members $65.

Chef Angela Lyle is the instructor for these cooking classes. She says the recipes she puts together for these classes are pretty easy to make at home without any fancy equipment.

“We do a lot of hands-on work in the classes so they can take it home and do it in their kitchen,” she said.

There is also a Thursday evening class on March 31 called “Breads of the World”. The class explores how bread is made around the world and what side dishes go well with it. Chef Lyle says she’ll pass on a Middle Eastern flatbread for the next course.

She also says the classes are a great way for others to explore several different recipes to try at home.

“More people are now cooking and trying new dishes and there are a lot of different flavors in my dishes in terms of ethnicity and different spices that a lot of people might not otherwise try.”

Non-members pay $55 for this class and $45 for YAM members.

If registration numbers are relatively low, classes will be canceled two weeks after the event and fees will be refunded to those who registered.

If you register and can no longer attend, you must cancel two full weeks before the event to receive a full refund.

Join today and learn unique cooking recipes you can easily make at home!

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