Trippy Tucson: New Psychedelic-Themed Art Exhibit at &gallery Features Local Artists

The “Psychedelic Art Exhibit” held at the &gallery on Fourth Avenue featured over 30 artists from around Tucson. Several artists have used the psychedelic theme as a way to make trippy art or portray their own experiences with drugs.

Cynthia Naugle’s piece entitled “Isobel”.

Curator and &gallery owner Cynthia Naugle shared how she’s wanted to put on an exhibition on this theme for a while now and what inspired her.

“A lot of people have asked to do a weird show like this, so you know psychedelic and psychedelic stuff can mean a lot of different things to different people,” Naugle said. “It could mean the use of drugs or weird, trippy stuff or things that like to trick the eye or whatever. So we wanted to do an art exhibition that talked about that.


There were over 100 submissions according to Naugle and she narrowed it down to around 33.

“I think [the coolest thing was] how many people were interested. Like how many people were interested in the show and how many people were open to it because when people think of psychedelics, they think of drugs, they think of a lot of people acting weird and there’s so much more to psychedelics. It was really cool to see how open and popular it is and to be normalized,” Naugle said.


Pato Aguilar’s piece entitled “Los Crisantemos”.

Another artist, Pato Aguilar, submitted an artwork that translates to “the chrysanthemum.” Aguilar was inspired by a new art exhibit he is working on, which combines Japanese art with traditional Mexican folk art.

“This piece in particular, I love Frida Kahlo; I haven’t painted anything of her in a while,” Aguilar said. “Speaking of a psychedelic show, I was on a mushroom trip, and I kind of saw this inspirational idea of ​​a Japanese fox, and it almost gave me this image of Frida Kahlo walking through the forest of Mexico, returning like a fox.”

Aguilar is self-taught and said he would like to do more pieces like “Los Crisantemos.”

“There’s more stuff coming like that related to this traditional fusion, but I’m coming with more psychedelic stuff,” Aguilar said.


Alondra Gavino’s piece entitled “The seed of your ancestor”.

Alondra Gavino’s piece served to remind us of where we come from, and she drew inspiration from her own roots and family.

“My little sister texted me and she was like, ‘You gotta try to get in,’ so I tried and I got it,” Gavino said.

Naugle, Aguilar and Gavino all added at the end of their interviews their encouragement to support local artists and businesses.

The “Psychedelic Art Exhibition” will be held at &gallery until June 23rd and is open seven days a week from 12pm to 6pm.

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