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Children take part in one of the many workshops held at the Steamboat Art Museum. Coming this weekend, a new series, Try Me Days, will give people the chance to test their hands in different mediums with free art supplies.
Steamboat Art Museum / Courtesy Photo

Seeing the power of putting pen and ink to paper, the Steamboat Art Museum will be offering its first-ever Try Me Day on Saturday, February 26.

The museum is hosting a new series of events called “Try Me Days” to help grow art in the community, introduce the museum and its staff to more people, and promote the museum’s art supply store.

As such, Try Me Days are designed to encourage artists of all ages and skill levels to try their hand at different art mediums, and each month will usher in a new set of art supplies to experiment with for free.

“We run many different types of workshops – it’s part of our commitment to the community,” said Chris Gallion, director of communications and events for the museum.

Gallion explained that the purpose of Try Me Days is to encourage anyone with an interest, big or small, to explore their creative side with different art mediums and free art supplies on hand.

All ages and skill levels are welcome, but children must be accompanied by an adult. The museum’s first Try Me Day will focus on pen and ink. It will be held from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday in the main gallery of the museum.

Advance registration is not required. A calligraphy demonstration will also be offered, along with other art supplies to try as well.

For Gallion, pen and ink seemed like the perfect place to start the new art museum series.

“Basically, the first building block of any type of visual art work is a pen and a piece of paper – a sketch, if you will – where you jot down your idea on a piece of paper and learn how to build from it. take it from there and create a finished piece of art,” Gallion said. “It’s the basic, simple first step in designing any piece of art.”

Putting an idea on paper is often the first step in creating art, says Chris Gallion, director of communications and events for the Steamboat Art Museum.
Steamboat Art Museum / Courtesy Photo

While exposing members of the community to new artistic mediums, the museum also hopes to let everyone know that its store has a full line of art supplies for all levels of artists.

“We’re trying to get the word out,” Gallion said of the art store, adding that the manager has found a way to price museum supplies as competitively or more competitively than big-box stores. area.

For Try Me Day on March 12, the Steamboat Art Museum is looking to host an event focused on watercolors.

All ages and abilities are welcome to participate in the Steamboat Art Museum’s new Try Me Days workshop series.
Steamboat Art Museum / Courtesy Photo

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