Turkmen artist exhibits works of art in Baku [PHOTO]

By Laman Ismayilova

Contemporary Turkmen artist Mammad Yarmammadov presented his works of art at the Art Tower Gallery.

The exhibition “Love For Motherland” is co-organized by the Azerbaijan Arts Council (NGO), Icherisheher State Historical and Architectural Reserve, Art Tower Gallery and Nusay Gallery (UAE), reported Trend Life.

The event brought together public and artistic personalities, representatives of diplomatic missions accredited to Azerbaijan and many art lovers.

The artist’s works left no one indifferent. They immediately attract attention with its uniqueness and simple beauty.

Many of his paintings play with wonderful deep shadows. In addition, art lovers appreciated the sculptures of the artist’s father, Klichmurad Yarmammadov.

Mammad Yarmammadov has successfully participated in many international artistic projects. He is a member of the Union of Artists of Turkmenistan.

The artist’s non-standard worldview is reflected in his works, which resemble textile decorative panels.

“Folk art is my source of creativity. I admire the noble color of our rugs, clothing, monumentality and at the same time the sophistication of folk ornamentation,” said the artist.

Yarmammadov has been a true connoisseur of national art from a young age. He admired the beauty of the traditional rugs and embroidery that surrounded his life. A kaleidoscope of flowers and ornaments fascinated the artist.

For the Turkmen artist, the plexus of the figures, the various shapes and the symbolism of the signs are the main source of inspiration.

The magic of beauty and creativity that surrounded Mammad from childhood sparked the same desire, familiar to all artists, to create a beauty that would motivate him in the future.

“I started painting with an immediate explosion of feelings,” he said.

While studying painting, Mammad realized that this kind of art would absorb him completely.

However, the artist does not want to create clichés and wonders how to find harmony between modern painting and the aspirations of his soul.

Traditional art has captivated Mammad Yarmammadov since his first student work. In the labyrinths adorned with ornaments, the artist searches for hidden symbols that excite him. Passing them through him, through his vision, he transfers them to the canvas, creating original compositions.

“The past is as important to me as the future. It is my credo,” he said.

Through her paintings, Mammad reminds us how easy it is to forget and lose the knowledge that connects us to our roots, traditional culture.

The artist focuses on the motifs of folk art, arts and crafts, and of course, he praises the unpretentious traditional life of the Turkmens, from whom the modern generation prefers to move away.

Meanwhile, the artist believes that it is necessary to treat the past with care because it constitutes the cultural heritage, without which the future is impossible. The exhibition presents two series of works by the artist, which most clearly reflect his artistic credo.

The Nohur series is a fairy tale about a village where the discreet harmony of life and nature has made an indelible impression.

For the artist, the authentic way of life of these places, life and dwellings of the inhabitants of the village, as well as the beauty of the natural landscapes, is the standard of the heritage of the traditional past, which must be carefully preserved.

The artistic incarnation of these series is not only a search for beautiful combinations of spots and colors, here the artist reflects with much love the daily intrigues of the villagers, giving his heroes the mystique of being out of town. time and outside the physical laws of existence.

The Ornaments series is a dance of shapes, colors and rhythm.

“The beauty and originality of the patterns of the carpets, jewelry and embroidery led me to create ornamental and decorative compositions,” said the artist.

The canvases in these series have a rich palette and an extra-decorative approach. The works were solved flatly, bypassing the usual laws of perspective.

The elements filling the composition are performed in an extremely conditional and metaphorical way, like parts of an ornament on a carpet.

The main images of the compositional solution – people, objects, plants – are woven into a stylistic and rhythmic pattern, which transforms the canvas into a kind of imitation of the textile decoration of the house.

Mammad Yarmammadov seeks to represent the culture of Turkmenistan on international stages.

The artist characterizes his work, based on the history of his beloved land and the traditions of national art, as a contribution to the preservation of the cultural heritage of his country.

The “Love For Motherland” exhibition will last until November 14th.

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