Two new exhibitions planned at the Burlington Art Gallery this month

By Jeffrey Allen

Posted on August 15, 2022 at 10:51 a.m.

Two new exhibitions open at the Art Gallery of Burlington before the end of the month.

The first is that of Noni Kaur, ਨਜਰ ਨਾ ਲੱਗੇ/Nazar na lage/Touch wood.

The award-winning artist’s rangoli exhibition will run from August 16 to January 14

Rangoli originated in India and is a cultural practice in which colored powders are used to decorate floors and flat surfaces to celebrate auspicious occasions.

Rangoli is traditionally made from powdered pigments, flowers, rice or sand. Kaur, however, uses a nearly year-long process to prepare its hand-dyed, dried coconut.

Her unique, site-specific, multi-sensory installations bridge the gaps between gender, culture, the body, and the non-human world. During the exhibition, the desiccated coconut slowly decomposes and becomes a mirror of the cycle of life, death and return to the earth.

The second installation is by ceramic artist Sami Tsang, who will present his clay works from August 27 to November 26 in his exhibition, Know Your Place.

Tsang’s pieces vary in size, style and shape and are known for their unconventional design. Her designs have recently been in the spotlight as Tsang is currently the Harbourfront Center Artist-in-Residence for Ceramics in 2022 and the recipient of the Gardiner Museum Prize in 2019.

Her works reveal stories of personal trauma as well as her journey of reconciling Chinese and Western cultures. Tsang’s paintings and sculptural forms become conductors of conversation, treatment and reflections that destabilize the defined roles of gender and birth order that were prescribed to her as a child.

The Burlington Art Gallery is located at 1333 Lakeshore Rd. For more information on all exhibits, visit their website.

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