VoglFuge and Au.diPanel provide acoustic control at Shepparton Art Museum

The Shepparton Art Museum (SAM) is located in the heart of Shepparton, two hours north of Melbourne and a popular tourist spot with a diverse cultural heritage.

A beacon for the arts and cultural enrichment, the museum is a popular attraction for locals and tourists alike. Filled with art, pottery, visuals, sculpture and more, this space brings the community together with its various exhibits and active programs for all.

Designed by Denton Corker Marshall for Development Victoria as part of an extension of the current SAM site, the new 5-storey multi-purpose building combines a museum, visitor center, art gallery, café, office and space event. It enjoys impressive views of Lake Victoria Park while showcasing modern architecture.

The design of any gallery should take into account three key elements: space, light and sound. This helps ensure that every piece of art is displayed in the best possible way – and the new Shepparton Art Museum is no exception.

Gallery spaces are generally large with mostly hard surfaces creating a difficult environment for noise control. To reduce distractions from loud sounds, VoglFuge perforated plasterboard ceilings have been used in all interior spaces, helping to subtly control sound, while providing a modern and contemporary feel to the galleries.

VoglFuge plasterboard ceilings combine a seamless look with acoustic control, and the fixtures can easily be installed for a stylish art display.

In the building’s offices and conference rooms, perforated panels were used on the walls and ceilings in rich amber wood – visually appealing, yet functional, ensuring that visitors to the gallery are not disturbed.

Custom sliding walls have been added to the meeting rooms to create a truly versatile space. A functional wall was installed in conjunction with Lotus Doors with Au.diPanel in the meeting room, effectively dividing the space for smaller or larger meetings.

The integrated cafe and bar are ideal for visitors to relax or even organize events. The large cafe is located on the first level, with an adjoining terrace that leads to a beautiful path around Lake Victoria Park. The rooftop bar is located on level 4 with a spectacular observation deck. Focusing on noise control and modern aesthetics, Au.diPanel ceiling panels were installed in these spaces.

Built by Kane Construction, the new SAM building is more than a museum; it is a game-changer for Shepparton and the Victoria region and offers an immersive experience for all. The Au.diPanel and VoglFuge panels were installed by Consart.

Photographer: Kane Jarrod

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