Waste to art work by kids exhibited in SDMC schools | Delhi News

New Delhi: The South Delhi Municipal Corporation has launched a “best waste corners” initiative in its primary schools to raise awareness of waste management among students.
“The idea was to impart knowledge on good waste management to the children of our schools so that the principle of the 3Rs (reduce, reuse and recycle) reaches every household. Our main objective is to ensure the disposal of waste at the source and to raise awareness of waste separation,” said Ankita Chakravarty, Deputy Commissioner, South Zone, who came up with the idea.
In collaboration with the education department of the southern society, the initiative has created around 40 schools under the jurisdiction, which now have “best non-litter corners”.
“We asked the children who studied in our schools to bring used objects and do something with them. We thought the initiative might not take off, but we were surprised with the results; the children came up with very creative things,” said an official from the southern society’s education department.
The students made beautiful objects from plastic bottles, newspapers, cardboard, straws and other similar materials, which were displayed in these corners.
The company has taken steps to beautify and clean roundabouts with paintings and schools with artwork. This has been incorporated into Swachh Survekshan, which is currently underway. To avoid any embarrassment, the civic body has made every effort to keep its space looking clean and tidy.
In the past, the company has created two ‘waste-to-art’ parks and two more parks are in the works, where scrap materials and land are provided by the company to a private company, which in turn builds replicas of monuments and maintains them for a period of time. period of time.

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