Whitehaven artist Emma Hunt explains new charities and arts

An artist and musician from West Cumbria has done a lot recently to advance her creative talents and help others in the process.

Emma Hunt, from Whitehaven, has also given many concerts recently, including one at Fitz Park in Keswick.

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She will also be holding an exhibition this summer at The Rum Story in Whitehaven, and she is looking to involve other artists to help promote their work and give them confidence in their artistic endeavors.

Recently, Emma has been hosting online sessions, teaching people how to draw and helping them relax. She has also taught classes with people from Women Out West who support those affected by domestic violence.

CREATIVE: A work created by Emma

Miss Hunt said: “We all need to take care of our minds, just like we do our bodies. Just an hour a week doing something you love is so good for mental health and we can afford an hour but we don’t give ourselves enough love.”

Emma suffers from a serious illness called Ehler-Danlos Syndrome and uses art and music as a form of therapy to support her mental well-being.

She also experienced abuse which had a major impact on her life, but says her creativity helped her through it.

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She said: “I didn’t know what to do, there was hardly any service available as unfortunately there had been a spike in domestic abuse.

“I fell through the cracks and I knew I would end up in a very dark place if I didn’t do something to help me recover.

“Because of the traumatic bond, many victims will not wish to leave their abuser, but there is no judgment, even if a woman wishes to remain in the relationship, help is available.”

News and Star: MUSIC: Emma performing at Fitz Park in Keswick MUSIC: Emma performing at Fitz Park in Keswick

Emma has helped raise thousands of books for a number of charities. One of the charities she also works with is Calderwood House, which supports the homeless, alongside Women Out West.

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