Wisconsin Museum of Art Hosts Annual Peeps at Racine Exhibit

RACINE, Wis. – An art exhibit dedicated to Peeps – those springtime marshmallow candies – is back in Racine, Wisconsin.

And part of the art covers a serious subject.

“You shouldn’t think of them as conventional candies per se. You should think of them as a method to get their way,” said Lisa Englander, head of customer relations and retail operations.

In the gallery, Peeps is the art and they are the medium.

This is the 13th annual international Peeps exhibition at the Racine Art Museum, WTMJ reported.

Some of the art can be made out of food, but you don’t want to eat it. These Peeps have been painted and glued. However, that doesn’t stop hungry visitors from trying them out.

“Every once in a while we walk in and find that a piece of Peep is missing, and we know someone has either taken it or chewed on it,” Englander said.

There were 162 entries for the gallery and competition this year.

Art must be made of Peeps or on Peeps.

Winners get the Golden Peep.

Although this is a contest, it’s not really about winning or prizes. It’s about making art in a different way.

“I love him because of the happiness he brings to people,” Englander said.

Peep art is just fun and colorful. One of the favorites is the Peeps roasting what looks like other Peeps over the fire.

The gallery also helps usher in the beginning of spring. There’s Peeps camping, Peep animatronics, and even Peeps on a video call.

Also, this year there is an entire section on the invasion of Ukraine.

“So there are a lot of articles about freedom, rights and leisure, so people talk about all aspects of their life here,” Englander said.

The Peeps exhibition runs until April 23.

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